The BNP leader said about the famine of 1974, Nobel Laureate economist Amartya Sen said the famine was man-made. So that was the failure and mismanagement of the government. The same scenario is prevailing today and the prices of essentials are increasing due to the corruption and overall failure of the government, he added.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party organised the press conference to present the condition of the people due to the price hike of daily necessaries. Standing committee member Mirza Abbas, Abdul Moin Khan and Nazrul Islam, among others, were present.

The BNP secretary general said the market of daily essentials has been made hostage by corrupt businessmen who are the beneficiaries of the voterless illegal government.

He said the prices of daily essentials are increasing due to the corruption of the government and as a result, the middle class, lower middle class and poor have been suffering immensely.

Mirza Fakhrul said the government is spending money in the areas where it needs no investment. A total of Tk 300 billion has been spent to construct the Padma Bridge, but it was estimated that the bridge would cost Tk 100 billion. The main cause of it is corruption, he added.

Drawing the attention of the newsmen, the BNP leader said, "You have seen what has happened in fuel oil prices. BPC has indulged in corruption in the same way. You have seen in the power sector how millions of Taka has been siphoned off. The main cause of it is corruption."

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