Effort is on to kill me, my son: Zayeda Khatun

Former mayor of Gazipur city corporation Jahangir Alam speaks at a press briefing on Friday
Prothom Alo

Awami League nominated candidate Azmat Ullah Khan’s supporters are obstructing the election campaign of Gazipur city corporation polls’ independent candidate Zayeda Khatun by various ways, alleged her son and former mayor Jahangir Alam.

“We are being obstructed by various means wherever I or my mother go election campaigning. Our leaders and activists are being obstructed during election campaigns in every ward, locality and centre. Azmat Ullah’s people and party activists are harassing us,” Jahangir alleged at a press briefing at his residence in Gazipur’s Chhaydana area on Friday afternoon.

The press briefing was organised in the wake of an attack carried out in Zayeda Khatun’s election campaign at Gopalpur area under Tongi purbo thana on Thursday evening. The vehicle used for campaigning was allegedly vandalised and four supporters were injured during the attack.

Zayeda Khatun, who is competing in the election under 'table clock' symbol, was also present at the press briefing.

“My son and I went to the people’s doors to seek votes but we were obstructed and attacked. How would we get votes if we cannot campaign? There is an effort to kill me and my son as I’m competing in the election,” Zayeda said.

Jahangir also alleged that some officials of administration are threatening his activists.

“The duty of the administration and EC officials' is to hold a fair election. But some people from the administration are going to the houses of our local activists and summoning others over mobile phone, to threaten and intimidate them. They (administration) are also taking money from many and asking them not to vote for 'table clock' in any way,” Jahangir alleged.

They (officials) are ordering people to vote for a certain person that is Azmat Ullah. Is this an electoral environment? Is this a democratic environment?
Jahangir Alam

Alleging that the officials of the administration are forcing people to vote for Awami League candidate Azmat Ullah, Jahangir Alam said, “They (officials) are ordering people to vote for a certain person that is Azmat Ullah. Is this an electoral environment? Is this a democratic environment?"

He alleged that the posters and banners of his mother Zayeda Khatun are torn down in the dead of night.

“We’ve gone to different areas of Tongi in the last four days. Azmat Ullah tried to kill me and my mother through his supporters in those areas. They blocked roads in various ways and attacked us. Allah and the people have kept us alive,” Jahangir said.

He also sought intervention of prime minister Sheikh Hasina in ensuring fair polls in Gazipur city.