PM Hasina seeks vote for 'Boat' in upcoming national elections

Prime minister Sheikh HasinaBSS

Prime minister and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina today, Saturday sought vote for her party's electoral symbol 'Boat' in the next general election.

"Awami League has helped the country gain independence, brought economic emancipation, socio-economic development and arranged food, clothes as well as accommodation for its people (countrymen). So, vote for Awami League's electoral symbol 'Boat' in the next general election," she said. 

The Premier made the remarks while exchanging greetings with the leaders and activists of local Awami League and its associate bodies, local representatives and commoners at Kotalipara Upazila Awami League Office on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

Sheikh Hasina said the fortune of the public is changed when the Awami League assumes power. Briefly describing her government's efforts to ensure the country's overall development in the last 14 and half years, she came down heavily on those who are blinded to the massive development.

“But they're enjoying the benefits of the development,” the premier said.

"Those who never want to see Awami League in power don't see country's development. I have nothing to say," she added. The premier challenged those who don't want country's development saying that she must lead the country towards development. 

The Prime Minister said she has no parents and brothers of her own, adding: "You (Kotalipara people) are my near and dear ones and you have always been working for me."

She came to Gopalganj to exchange Eid greetings with the people of Kotalipara and Tungipara without exchanging greetings with others including her relatives, she continued.

Earlier, the Premier reached Kotalipara around 11:27 in the morning after crossing the Padma Bridge following a three-hour plus car ride from her official Ganobhaban residence, as part of her two-day visit to Kotalipara and Tungipara.

Prime minister's ICT affairs adviser and only son Sajeeb Wazed Joy
accompanied her. Entire Gopalganj has donned a festive look with colourful posters, banners and placards while a joyful environment has been prevailing around, centering her visit.

On her arrival at the Kotalipara Upazila AL Office, the Premier planted three wood, fruit and herbal saplings of Neem (margosal), Bakul (Spanish Cherry) and mango trees. Later, she inaugurated the newly-constructed Kotalipara Upazil AL Office.

While exchanging Eid greetings, most of the leaders of AL and its associate bodies and local representatives expressed their heartfelt thanks to the prime minister for giving them chances to share their feelings in front of the premier and wished for her longevity.

They also wished for Sheikh Hasina to be the next prime minister of the
country and reiterated their commitments to work for helping Awami League electoral symbol, ‘Boat’ win.

In response, the premier called upon all to pray for her so she can serve the citizens. AL Advisory Council Member Kazi Akram Uddin Ahmed was present on the dais while Kotalipara Upazila AL General Secretary Aynal Hossain Sheikh was the moderator. 

After completion the programmes, the Premier will depart Kotalipara for Tungipara in the afternoon.

On her arrival in Tungipara, prime minister Sheikh Hasina will pay homage, recite Fateha and join a prayer at the mausoleum of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The premier is scheduled to spend the night at Tungipara.

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of Awami League will exchange
greetings with local leaders-activist of Awami League and its affiliated organisations, local representatives and general public, on the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha Sunday morning. She is scheduled to leave Tungipara for Dhaka on the afternoon.

Sheikh Hasina said her challenge is to transform Bangladesh into a smart and prosperous country free of hunger and poverty as well as improve the life standards of the citizens.

“My target is to change the fate of the countrymen and make progress in sectors such as education, health and infrastructure,” she said.

The prime minister said they have achieved victory in the liberation war and the nation will move across the world keeping the head high with due dignity. "We want to work towards implementing the target," she said.

The premier said there are some people who are making allegations of having no freedom of expression though they are free to talk. "I have nothing to do. Excuse them," she added.

Spelling out the development taking place during AL government's tenure, she said they have built roads, bridges and other infrastructures to mitigate the sufferings of the Kotalipara people.

"People had to suffer earlier to come to Kotalipara, which is gone now due to the development in communication," she said.

The premier said building Padma Bridge was a big challenge for her government, confronting local and foreign conspiracies.

"We have been able to build the Padma Bridge with own finance facing the false allegation of corruption. This is what matters the most and you have given me the power," she said.

"We don't come to power to make our own fortune rather we come to power to make people's fortune," she continued.

The primer said they have decreased extreme poverty level to 5 per cent, saying there will be no poverty in the country.

Mentioning that her father had initiated giving houses free of cost to accommodate the public and said none will remain homeless and landless in the country as her government has been providing houses to all homeless and landless people.

The prime minister called upon all to bring every inch of fallow land across the country so that the country never experiences food insufficiency amid the worldwide global economic meltdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war.