Why is the gas price on the rise, Mirza Fakhrul asked saying, it is because of corruption and ruling party men are importing gas.

The BNP leaders demanded a neutral probe committee be formed to find out the people responsible for Sitakunda tragedy. In reply to a question over a neutral probe body, Mirza Fakhrul said a committee like the judicial commission does not function these days and a neutral body means formation of commission with experts who are non-partisan and not involved with the government.

Mirza Fakhrul demanded that the families of the dead in the Sitakunda incident be compensated adequately and the injured be treated properly. He also called for introducing a ‘monitoring system’ at all container depots in the country.

As to whether the Sitakunda incident would affect the apparel industry or the economy of the country, Mirza Fakhrul said it of course will have a negative effect and speculations have already started on this matter.

Referring to the Sitakunda incident Mirza Fakhrul said he saw a certain official saying on television that they do not have adequate equipment. So, what is the government doing then, he asked.

The BNP leader said the main goal of the ruling party is to pocket the money and carry out corruption in the name of bundling so-called infrastructures. This government has no accountability for welfare or safety of people. Since this government is not elected, they have no accountability.”

The present government is capable to do one thing only, that is, to deceive and lie to people and keep them in a fantasy world. At time when 42 per cent of population live below poverty line in the country, ministers said there is no scarcity, the country has become like Europe and the US. This has nothing to do with reality, Mirza Fakhrul added.

The failure of the government is responsible for the Sitakunda incident, Mirza Fakhrul observed saying Awami League is destroying all hope and aspirations of the people. There is nothing in front of Bangladesh now except the Padma Bridge.

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