Fakhrul strongly condemned the "racial and anti-women” remarks by the state minister that went viral on social media.

He demanded immediate attention and solution to such disgusting and indecent behaviour of a person performing important duty of the state.

The BNP leader said the entire nation was stunned that the derogatory comments came from an “insane” person carrying the national flag.

When BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has been there at the crossroads of life and death, Fakhrul said such an indecent and disgusting propaganda against the members of the Zia family, including a female member of it, has already garnered the hatred of all sections of the country, including women leaders.

During an interview on social media recently, the state minister made some derogatory remarks about BNP chairoperson Khaleda Zia and her grandchildren Zaima Rahman.

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