Therefore, if anyone tries to create chaos in the name of occupying streets, he or she will be handled with an iron fist, the AL general secretary warned.

Stating that AL will soon be found on the city streets, he said shouts of the BNP leaders are pretentious aimed at keeping their activists agitated and it is an ill tactic of hiding their failure.

The minister said by assuming power, BNP wants to create opportunities for looting again and wants to follow the dark path by building Hawa Bhaban and blocking the way to the immense potential of the country.

"But, the people will never give them that chance again," he added.

As the most failed opposition party in the history of this country, he said, BNP itself wants to turn the country into a failed state and wants to fish in muddy water, pushing the country into a crisis.

Quader said, BNP is a political party that does not have trust in people, while its political backbone is very week.

"BNP wants to come to power but it is afraid of joining elections," he added.

He said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir did not join the parliament after being elected, but he sent others to the House.

The AL general secretary asked the BNP leaders to forget "the caretaker government" terming it a settled issue.

"There is no chance of restoring the caretaker government system in this country. It is better for BNP to get ready for the next national elections. BNP's daydreaming about resignation of the government and dissolving the parliament will yield no result," he said.

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