Mahbub Talukder thinks that a non-partisan government can hold a good election and only a government acceptable to all can conduct an acceptable election.

He said a level playing field cannot be created if the lawmakers don’t resign before the election.

Deputy commissioners now get appointed as returning officers of the districts.

Mahbub Talukdar said the DCs should not be made returning officers-- a post that is vital in overseeing the election of all constituencies of any district.

He said if there is no alternative to appointing the DCs as ROs, they should be transferred to other districts before the election.

The current election commission, since taking charge in February, has been holding dialogues with different stakeholders.

The former election commissioner said those dialogues seemed to have failed in the past.

Saying that questions such as holding the polls in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) or guarding voting centers are not the main challenges rather bringing the public administration and home ministries under the EC is.

“Activities of police should be strictly monitored and controlled,” he added.

He also thinks there should be a dialogue between the EC and the government to conduct a free, fair and credible election.

“Constitutional amendment is a must to implement the framework I have proposed here,” Mahbub Talukder said adding that without the necessary amendments, bringing changes in the electoral process is impossible.

He said the authorities must take up a zero-tolerance policy to ensure that the electoral code of conduct and other rules are strictly abided by.