“To whom the voters cast their votes? Is there any party other than Awami League? Who, why, for what reason, for which dream and enthusiasm, will the voters cast their votes for BNP?,” the PM asked.

She made the questions while briefing journalists at her official residence Ganobhaban on her recent visit to the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

“They know they don’t have any possibility of winning the election. So, their effort is to make it controversial, create confusion among people and harm people by any means,” the PM said.

The BNP secretary general called the Tuesday's press briefing to informally counter the PM’s speech.

People feel very insecure in the situation marred by unruly activities of the ruling party, Fakhrul said, adding, "There is no safety in livelihood. Fear and terror have grasped everything. People feel suffocated.”

He recalled that the Awami League came to state power with a promise of providing people with rice at Tk 10 per kilogram. But the price of rice has spiked to Tk 70 per kg.

"This is very frustrating to the people. The ruling Awami League also promised to supply fertilizers free of cost. But they did not do it. People will cast their votes for BNP with a hope for employment," he said.

Talking about reconstitution of the election commission, Fakhrul said the commission cannot hold a free and fair election if a neutral government is not at the helm of state power during the election period. This is not merely my personal observation. Many election observers echoed this notion in the past.

“Without support from the government, even a better election commission cannot hold a fair election. Earlier, the commissions were formed by the search committees. In the name of the search committees, the election commissions were constituted by the people loyal to the government. chose only the partisan people for the commission. Search committee is a way of deception," Fakhrul said.

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