How are diplomats, civil society members associating with Nur, asks Farhad

Former DUCSU VP Nurul Haque Nur

Prime minister's special assistant lawyer Shah Ali Farhad on Thursday questioned how some diplomats and civil society members regularly associate themselves with Nurul Haque Nur who issues unauthorised "fatwas".

"It is shocking to see how some western diplomats, a section of our self-proclaimed 'civil society', and some confused members of the ultra-left regularly associate themselves with this bigot who issues unauthorised "fatwas" like - no real Muslim can work for, or support Awami League," he wrote in a post on his verified Facebook account.

Farhad, who is also a member of international affairs subcommittee of Awami League, wanted to know what gives this "mediocre guy, who led the movement against quotas" for the disadvantaged segments of the society, the right to declare someone a Muslim or non-Muslim.

"What are his religious credentials? What are his educational credentials? What are his political credentials? How does he manage to fund his political activities? Awami League is the largest political party in Bangladesh with millions of leaders, workers, and supporters. What gives this agent of chaos the right to paint all of them with the same brush?" he wrote.

Farhad hoped his Nur’s patrons, especially some foreign friends and partners, will from now on, recognise this person for what he really is: an enthusiastic and voluntary spokesperson for the ultra right-wing whose stated aims run counter not only to our own constitutional principles but also against the values so vocally espoused by our foreign friends and partners.

Apparently taking side of Hefazat-e-Islam, Nur has placed the badge of 'Fake Muslims' against supporters and leaders of Awami League, which is seen as a "move to stoke religious hatred" in the country.

Appearing on a Facebook live, Nur, available on his account recently, echoed the view asserted by Hefazat leaders to justify the spate of violence they unleashed during the visit of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in the name of religion.