Zafrullah Chowdhury came up with these remarks in a press conference on Wednesday following his visit to Evercare Hospital on Tuesday to see the country’s former prime minister.

He said, "I went to Evercare Hospital yesterday (Tuesday) to see Khaleda Zia. What I saw yesterday was the most tragic incident for me in recent times. I am not sure how many days, hours and minutes she will survive. But I am sure that she is at a critical stage and is being killed."

"I myself was engaged with such treatment abroad. Her blood pressure is lower than 100 now. She has been kept alive supplying bloods."

He urged the government to send Khaleda Zia abroad immediately. Otherwise, anything bad could happen any time.

"Why don’t the judges issue a suo moto rule to grant bail to Khaleda Zia? Why don’t they (judges) make arrangements to board her to the airline?," he asked.

"I will tell the president that you should intervene," Zafrullah.