"We will look into that and will focus more on how to do that. If everyone does not get it, then there will be no voting environment. We will have this effort until the last day,” he said.

He also said their biggest challenge is to bring all the parties to the polls.

"I do not know that whether we will succeed or not. But we will have this effort until the last day," he added.

He added that every party must be on the field. "If you are not on the field, the game will not be played. Without coming to the field, no one can say that there is no environment," he explained.

"I don't think that will be the case. There are still 13 months to go. There may be many changes in politics. Changes may come to the country and the world," he said.

In response to another question, Anisur said he did not think that BNP will not come to the election.