Secretary General of Hefazat, Allama Nurul Islam made the announcement just before the Namaz-e-Janaza of Junaid Babunagari at 11.20pm Thursday at Hathazari madrasah grounds in Chattogram, he said.

Junaid Babunagari was buried at Hathazari madrasah graveyard besides the grave of the organisation’s first amir Allama Shafi.

Junaid Babunagari died Thursday noon at a hospital in Chattogram after he suffered a stroke at the madrasah. Babunagari had been suffering from different age-related complications, including kidney problems and diabetes.

He took the reins of Hefazat-e-Islam in November 2020 after the death of Allama Shafi, the first amir and supreme leader of the organisation in September 2020.