Meanwhile on Monday evening independent candidate Taimur Alam Khandakar’s chief coordinator and campaign in-charge, also convener of district BNP Monirul Islam Robi was arrested by police from his residence in Hirajhil.

Selina Hayat Ivy, while campaigning in Ward 21 in Bandar area on Monday, once again said: "It has become clear from Taimur’s activities that he is the candidate nominated by Shamim Osman."

This was the same claim she made earlier, that ruffled feathers in the AL high command and forced Shamim Osman to come out and clarify his stance ahead of the election today.

On Sunday, AL made it known that if there was any truth found to Ivy's claim, Shamim Osman would be disciplined within the party structure.

"If Taimur said I am a ‘Godmother’ to save his own back, he did a very wrong thing as I didn’t attack him personally and neither would I do so in future," said Ivy, who has served as mayor since 2011.

Regarding Shamim Osman’s support, Ivy said, “I did not say I won’t need his support. The party has nominated me and the partisans and voters will cast votes for me. If one or two votes don’t get cast it will not matter.”

Independent candidate and BNP leader Taimur Alam Khandakar after his campaign at ward-27 said, “My opponent is assuming I got support from certain people and is trying to assassinate my character.”

Taimur said his party activists, leaders are being threatened through police visits to their homes.

He urged the people of Narayanganj to pay no heed to any propaganda and said, "A lot of oppression will come but we will need to march forward facing all of this.”

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