Referring to president Abdul Hamid’s ongoing dialogue with political parties the law minister said it will be too early to call it a success or a failure.

“We will have to wait until the dialogue is over and see what steps the president takes after that,” he said.

He urged de facto opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to change its decision and take part in the dialogue with the president for the sake of the country.

Pointing to the BNP he said, “If they think it is a toxic situation, then I think they have to take some steps to get out of the toxic situation. If they join the dialogue, we think it will be positive.”

Asked about the logjam of pending cases, the minister blamed it on the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The number of pending cases would have been more if the hadn't government introduced virtual court that cleared 200,000 cases, he said.

Meanwhile, about new challenges for the government in the New Year, the law minister said, “I think we have already set the challenges. Now it is time to face those challenges.”

He added that the Padma Bridge was almost complete. Besides, all the mega projects that were taken will be completed by June or December.

“These are the mega challenges that prime minister Sheikh Hasina's government is ready to deliver.”

“In fact, the challenge we always have is that we believe in public service. Our job is to improve the quality of service and deliver the service to the people and we take that as a challenge,” he kept saying.

The minister said all the programmes are pro-people. “We will try to make these pro-people programmes available to the people through public service.”

“Who will be sent abroad, who will not be sent abroad, that is not the priority,” he said. “Priority is that the time has come for Sheikh Hasina to prepare the ground for the services that the people should have received long ago. We will deliver.”

He said the people will deliver their verdict in the next elections on who has for their welfare and who has served only themselves.

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