A JaPa co-chairman on condition of anonymity told Prothom Alo that they hope the issue would be resolved on 16 November and the chairman would be able to sign the nomination paper. If he can’t due to the injunction, the secretary general would sign in his place.

JaPa on Sunday nominated current mayor Mostafizur Rahman as their candidate in Rangpur City Corporation mayoral election. Party’s secretary general Mojibul Haque made the announcement on behalf of the chairman. The party high-ups think that a ‘wrong message’ would go to the rank and file if the court’s injunction is not withdrawn before 29 November. Expelled JaPa leader and former lawmaker Md Ziaul Haque Mridha filed a petition with Dhaka first joint district judge court seeking GM Quader declared "illegal". The court on 31 October ordered a temporary injunction on him. GM Quader has remained silenced since then. The JaPa leadership became dumbfounded by the order since they could imagine the court would give such a harsh order and the matter would go that far.

Another case of similar nature is proceeding in court against GM Quader in the same court. Expelled presidium member Moshiur Rahman filed the case seeking GM Quader to be declared illegal as JaPa chairman. Court sources said the hearing of the case is likely to take place on 2 January.

JaPa’s co-chairman Kazi Firoz Rashid expressed frustration over lodging one after another case to harass the party chief. “What is happening with Jatiya Party right now is temporary, but unfortunate. Such an untoward situation is unwarranted. Those who are involved with such activities using Jatiya Party name is being suicidal.”

JaPa top leadership said a political party revolves around the party chief. JaPa is the chief opposition party in the parliament. The party’s chairman GM Quader is the deputy opposition leader in the parliament. Keeping the top leader of chief opposition party away from taking his party’s decisions is an unprecedented incident. That’s why the JaPa leaders are not taking the matter lightly.

Several top leaders  of JaPa said they think that several cases filed to declare GM Quader illegal as chairman, imposing injunction on him in one of the cases, the speaker office's indecision over a proposal of the parliamentary party to make GM Quader the leader of the opposition, the High Court’s recent order asking the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to probe an allegation of nomination-business against GM Quader, are interconnected. These all are being used to control JaPa before the election, he added.  

The party’s top leadership said if the case is resolved on 16 November and the issue is dragged further, it would be clear to the people that government is instrumental behind all these. If so, the government’s image would be dented as the people will understand the machinations to keep JaPa under control using the judiciary.

Asked about the matter, GM Quader told Prothom Alo, “Jatiya Party was emerging as a third/alternative  force in the politics. We have created an atmosphere of confidence among the people. It now seems a conspiracy is on to keep us subdued.”