Jatiya Party secretary general Mashiur Rahman Ranga. Prothom Alo File Photo

Jatiya Party (JaPa) has removed Mashiur Rahman (Ranga) from all of its posts, including presidium membership, centering intra party feud.

As per constitutional power bestowed upon the party chairman, GM Quader, on Wednesday expelled him from the party. The order has already been effective, said a press release sent to the media.

Two days ago, Mashiur Rahman, the opposition’s deputy leader in parliament and former secretary general of the party, raised the question over the process of removing Raushon Ershad as the opposition leader while talking to a private channel.

Following the issue, he was removed from the party, a party source told Prothom Alo.

Earlier 30 August, Raushon Ershad, the chief patron of JaPa, sent a press release to the media, calling the council of JaPa central unit.

She announced an eight-member preparatory committee, making her convener. On the following day, GM Quader called a meeting of JaPa’s parliamentary body -- where he replaced Raushon Ershad in both party’s chairman and deputy leader posts.