Stuffing ballot boxes in night won’t be possible this time: Zafrullah

Both the Awami League and the BNP should disclose their sources of fund, said Zafrullah Chowdhury

Zafrullah Chowdhury

Despite all the efforts it would not be possible to fill up the ballot boxes in the night before the election day this time, said Gonoshasthaya Kendra trustee Zafrullah Chowdhury.

“Voting is a right of the people. Why are you getting afraid seeing people’s gatherings (in BNP rallies).  You (ruling Awami League) too have supporters. Therefore, hold a fair election,” he said.

Zafrullah Chowdhury made these remarks while addressing a programme at National Press Club to mark the 25th death anniversary of ASM Solaiman, former president of the Krishak Sramik Party, founded by Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq, on Sunday.

Speaking about the necessity of holding a fair election, Zafrullah Chowdhury further said, “The security money of many gets confiscated in case of a fair election. That won’t be the case for you prime minister. Therefore, you (prime minister) should go for a fair election boldly. You should discuss the matter with others.”

Speaking regarding the venue of BNP’s rally in Dhaka, he further said, “It’s completely a matter of personal choice as to where I will hold a meeting. You (Dhaka Metropolitan Police) want to give me permission to hold the rally at the Suhrawardy Udyan, for which I didn’t even apply. But you don’t want me to hold the rally at the place, for which I have applied.”

Regarding the sources of funding of BNP, he said both the Awami League and the BNP should disclose their sources of fund.

Zafrullh Chowdhury also urged both the parties to avoid violence regardless of the results of the polls.

After the demise of Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq, ASM Solaiman took the charge of the Krishak Sramik Party.

The party had several offices across the country. However, all of these offices have been taken over by Awami League, Zafrullah Chowdhury claimed.

He said, “All the properties of the Krishak Sramik Party should be returned.”

Krishak Sramik Party president Md. Sirajul Haque presided over the programme. ASM Razia Sultana Ratna, general secretary of the Krishak Sramik Party, also addressed the programme.