After the main Eid namaaz (prayers) amid the pandemic, the Muslims offered special supplication, asking Almighty Allah for release from coronavirus.

Prayers were held in mosques around the country from early morning at various timings. Then began the animal sacrifice.

Animals are being sacrificed by the roadside, in the premises of people’s homes and in the alleyways to appease the Almighty.

The government issued directives for Eid congregations and celebrations to be held in keeping with the health guidelines. People were maintaining social distance and wearing masks while offering prayers at the mosques, though quite a few were seen without masks.

There was no customary embracing are the Eid prayers, though some shook hands.

The familiar Eid morning scenes of Dhaka city were not visible. Animals were being slaughtered, but there were hardly any crowds thronging the streets in new clothes. Some families with children were seen outdoors in areas like Hatirjheel and Dhanmondi.


There were hardly any vehicles on the roads.

A member of the police, Najib, on duty at Bijoy Sarani, said perhaps people will come out in the afternoon. They may visit the recreation spots like the lakes and parks. He said they were trying to ensure that people followed the health rules, and at least wore masks.

Meanwhile, light rain has been predicted in Dhaka on Eid day. There may be medium to heavy rain in Mymensingh and Rangpur. Other areas of the country are not likely to see rain during the day.

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