The term running staff refers to the loco masters, assistant loco masters, guards and travelling ticket examiners.

The running staff of Bangladesh Railway called on the strike demanding the retention of allowances and pension facilities under the old law. The government cut off 75 per cent of the post retirement running allowances for the running staff last year.

They staged some demonstrations in protest of this decision for some days. After that, they stopped the train movement all over the country on Wednesday all on a sudden.

The running staff used to get additional allowances (mileage) for overtime duties. According to the old law, if a running staff works more than eight hours or drives more than 100 miles, he or she will get additional allowances equivalent to one day's salary which is called the mileage. Some 75 per cent of this allowance would be added to the pension.

However, the finance ministry recently declared to suspend the mileage facility for the running staff.

Meanwhile, railway minister Nurul Islam has gone to Kamalapur railway station along with the top officials of the ministry, including the secretary, to find a resolution in this regard.

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