The government has decided to administer the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine eight weeks after the first dose, reports BSS.

“Each person needs to be vaccinated with two doses and the second dose will be given after eight weeks,” said Prof Nasima Sultana, the additional director general of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

She said people should receive COVID-19 vaccines without any fear and confusion as no significant side effects of vaccines are reported since the campaign was launched on 27 January.


A total of 2,26,678 people were administered to COVID-19 vaccines across the country on 15 February, according to the data of management information system of DGHS. Among the vaccine receivers, 1,47,155 were male and 79,523 female.

As of today (Monday), the number of vaccine receivers is 11,32,711 since the vaccination campaign was launched on 27 January. Of them, 7,73,624 are male and 3,59,087 female.

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