She said that the election commission secretariat also contacted the parliament secretariat on the same day.

There will be no need to summon a parliament session for the election, as per the law. Rather, a meeting will be called by the CEC for electing the president by the MPs. CEC will preside over that meeting.

If there is only one candidate then that meeting will also not be required.

She said that the detailed schedule of the presidential election will be discussed in the CEC's meeting with her.

The EC will declare a single candidate as the winner as per law.

Besides, EC secretary Jahangir Alam told reporters that the presidential election, due to the obligation of the law, the election must be held between 23 January and 23 February. As such, the Election Commission has started its preparation.

Explaining the law, he said that elections should be held within 90 days of the end of the term of the president.