Lawyer JR Khan Robin, the writ petitioner told BSS that, "On 13 December, 2021, the High Court ordered the appointment of 48 doctors in the vacant posts in prisons across the country by 7 January. As the vacant posts have not been filled yet, the court has summoned him."

On 23 June, 2019, the court issued a rule ordering the jail authority to submit a list of the vacancies for the post of doctors in all prisons across the country.

The prison authority reported in November 2019 that there are only 10 physicians against 141 posts in 68 prisons of the country. After seeing the report, the High Court ordered the concerned authority to fill up the vacant posts soon as possible.

On 21 September, 2021, it was reported that out of 141 vacant posts, a total number of 112 physicians have been appointed in 68 prisons of the country, while the remaining posts are still vacant.