Earlier in September 2022, Eskayef was accredited with the prestigious US FDA approval for its injectable manufacturing facility.

It is the 1st and only injectable manufacturing site in Bangladesh to achieve such a stringent accreditation. Prior to that, Eskayef received US FDA approval for its solid manufacturing facility, Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain Building (FAHB).

Other major global accreditations of Eskayef include UK MHRA, EU GMP, Brazil ANVISA, Australia TGA and South Africa SAHPRA. Eskayef’s commitment to quality has driven to venture through a relentless journey of conquering all the major stringent approvals of the world.

Simeen Rahman, Group CEO of Transcom Limited and managing director & CEO of Eskayef Pharmaceuticals stated, "Eskayef has reached a momentous milestone today. Being a Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company, we are now able to showcase our strength and capability in the US market with injectable products. In this journey, we aim to focus on complex injectable products and technology driven molecules in our pipeline to address unmet patient needs. Eskayef's mission to serve mankind has always been driven by an unwavering dedication towards excellence. Our strategies are aligned with our ambitions in the journey forward to global markets."

The success of exporting lifesaving medicines by Eskayef stretches back to the era of Covid-19 pandemic, when the company launched three consecutive first timer anti-Covid generic medicines in the world, Remdesivir (Remivir), Molnupiravir (Monuvir) and Nirmatrelvir co-packaged with Ritonavir (Paxovir).

Eskayef exported these anti-Covid medicines to 49 countries across the world.

Eskayef is growing more global and expanding its global footprint continuously. Currently the company is exporting its medicines to 68 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South America and North America.

Simeen Rahman, Group CEO of Transcom Limited and managing director and CEO of Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Limited along with senior officials of Eskayef are present at the program to mark Bangladesh's first ever export of injectable product to the US Market.