No scope for dialogue on caretaker govt: Law minister

Law minister Anisul Huq
File photo

Law minister Anisul Huq has spurned the possibility of holding any dialogue on the caretaker government system and said initiation of any discussion now depends on the nature of the proposal.

He made the statement while talking to reporters at the secretariat on Thursday.

Asked if there is any room for dialogue with the opposition, the law minister said, "If you raise the issue of a caretaker government, there is no scope for dialogue. If you want to discuss other issues, it depends on the nature of the proposal."

BNP has been demanding to hold the next parliamentary election under a caretaker government as the party said the last two elections under the party government were not fair.

When a reporter referred to the BNP's single-point demand for the caretaker government, the minister said, "There is no room for discussion on that front."

Explaining his stance Anisul Huq further said, "I would like to address the issue of the caretaker government. The Supreme Court delivered a judgment declaring the caretaker government illegal and conflicting with the constitution. The fifteenth amendment was passed in response to the judgment, and there is no possibility of reinstating the caretaker government system. There is no scope for new amendments reconsidering the issue."

Regarding the BNP's movement, the law minister said the BNP and Jamaat made every effort to foil the elections. The constitution specifies where the elections should take place, and the election commission will announce the schedule accordingly.

"We encourage all to participate in the elections, which will be free, fair, neutral, and peaceful. We welcome those who are interested in participating, and it is up to them who will decide not to join it," he added.