PM asks 'Smart Bangladesh Task Force' to work to spread technology

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at the first meeting of the "Smart Bangladesh Task Force" at the prime minister's office on Thursday.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday directed the "Smart Bangladesh Task Force" to work in spreading technology further among the common people, saying skilled human resources have to be developed in the country as digital devices are opening up new opportunities.

"Digital devices are opening new doors before us, and that is why we have to develop suitable skilled manpower," she said at the first meeting of the "Smart Bangladesh Task Force" at the prime minister's office.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina said citizens of the country have to be prepared for 'Smart Bangladesh' that they are building, where all people will know how to use digital devices and artificial intelligence.

She emphasized proper planning alongside motivating the people of the country towards materialising 'Smart Bangladesh'.

"We should create the opportunities to flourish the creativity of people, their thinking, and the idea of moving forward. We should use those in all sectors, including education," she added.

Issuing directives to prepare the new generation as suitable for smart Bangladesh, the premier said, "The new generation has to be groomed with education and technology for smart Bangladesh."

Mentioning that building skilled manpower is the most important aspect of a smart Bangladesh, she said that it is needed to spread the use of digital devices, information technology more widely. "We have to be prepared from now on to materialise smart Bangladesh, and we have to take decisions about what to do step by step." 

"Our people's power is our great strength, and we have to prepare our manpower accordingly," she added.

She also laid emphasis on learning the languages of different countries, increasing the quality of education and subject-based studies, as well as skill development.

She said that there will be no poverty in smart Bangladesh, where people will live a better and more prosperous life.

"It is our aim to improve people's quality of life by developing the power of innovation in smart Bangladesh," said the prime minister.

Highlighting the various initiatives of the government in the development of information and communication technology in the country, she said, "How backward we were. We assumed power in 1996 when all over the world the internet and computers were being used, but we were behind them."

She added, "From that place, we are moving so fast today, and now many developed countries are lagging behind us."