Despite an extremely challenging environment, the entire film is shot in the Laxmangarh block of Alwar district, Rajasthan. All characters are local residents of the village and were happy to be part of this film. The organic tonality of the film has created a closer connect with audiences.

In the film, a lifesaving Indian medicinal plant popularly known as “sanjeevani” plays the role of a protagonist and story-teller. Talking about its legacy of saving lives, the film goes on to chronicle its journey as a mobile medical unit (Sparsh Sanjeevani) that reaches out to the hinterlands and relentlessly serves people and communities at large.

Under this project, mobile medical unit has been firming the accessibility of healthcare units in the most vulnerable communities of rural India and advancing the country's pursuit of health and wellness for all. The medical unit of “Mobile Chikitsa” is managed by HMIF and its partner “Wockhardt” to cater 2 villages per day, targeting 25,000 people, with an initial goal of reaching 16 villages.

HMIF flagged-off its first mobile medical unit - 'Mobile Chikitsa' to Laxmangarh block of Alwar District, Rajasthan in January 2021 to support the people in the district and ensure a healthy life. “Mobile Chikitsa” is aimed at catering to a community of up to 25,000 people and if need be can unit up to 3 additional communities.

A qualified MBBS physician on board is providing free consultation and medicines through the attached pharmacy. The "Mobile Chikitsa" unit is equipped with testing facilities for spot diagnostic tests covering health related problems including blood sugar, blood pressure, malaria and dengue. In addition, awareness programmes about different diseases and their prevention are also conducted.

The "Mobile Chikitsa" unit is currently covering 2 villages per day through a fixed roster and unit around 100 patients. Patients will be provided with a health card to record their case history and individuals diagnosed with serious ailments will be referred to the nearest government or private hospital. The mobile medical unit has been designed on similar lines and will unit areas where there are no healthcare facilities.

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