“The device has been curated with an innovative design and top-notch quality. With different new technological innovations, this device will add value to people’s lives in every way,” he added.

F21 Pro supports Microlens up to 30x magnification for capturing images and videos, which allows users to take smartphone photography to new heights.

The phone has unique features on the front camera, thanks to IMX709 (the country’s first Sony IMX709 Selfie Sensor co-developed by Oppo and Sony) and RGBW sensor technology.

The RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) pixel design accounts for crisper images and can increase light sensitivity by a few notches.

The new RGBW pixel array can capture the full spectrum of visible light and is relatively more sensitive to light intensity.

The IMX709 captures 60 per cent more light than standard RGGB sensors while reducing noise by up to 35 per cent for brighter images in low-light conditions.

With its eye-catching sunset-orange colour, F21 Pro complements the users’ lifestyle by adding extravagance to any style. The phone’s smart design consisting of a spliced camera design combined with a bold flat-edge outlook makes it visually appealing.

The lychee grain leather material is both waterproof and scratch-proof. The final processed fibreglass leather is thinner and more durable than other vegan leather finishes.

F21 Pro is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6nm Octa-Core processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM with Oppo RAM Expansion technology with up to 5GB RAM expansion, 33W Supervooc charging with 4500mAh Battery, 6.4 inch 90Hz AMOLED Display.

It is the first Oppo phone in Bangladesh upgraded with the ColorOS 12 system.

ColorOS 12’s page layouts and interactions have been redesigned to make more space. The user interface is simple and uncluttered.

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