The planning minister MA Mannan has highlighted the growth of Bangladesh in his keynote on the first day of this arrangement. The minster portrayed the development of Bangladesh in terms of ICT development, infrastructure, power generation, etc. Considering the importance and development of telecommunication sector in past few years, he praised the pace of journey from 2G to 4G while the nation has ensured a wide 4G coverage. He finds it most auspicious to stand on the same technical level as other countries in the world do since 5G network construction has also begun in this country.

In his keynote he addresses Huawei as an industrial partner for realizing the dream of Digital Bangladesh with its assistance in ICT and digital power sector in Bangladesh for 23 years. The determination to bring advanced telecom communications, cloud computing, digital energy, smart photovoltaics technologies to release digital productivity in Bangladesh have been also mentioned in the keynote. In addition to that minister also admires the contribution of this company to develop local talent and the role it plays in the emergencies occurred due to natural calamities.

Zhang Ping’an, CEO of Huawei Cloud, announced plans to launch new Regions in Indonesia and Ireland, unveiled the "Go Cloud, Go Global" ecosystem plan, and reaffirmed the commitment to 'Everything as a Service'.

Jacqueline Shi, president of Huawei Cloud's Global Marketing and Sales Service, said that Huawei Cloud will launch more than 15 innovations globally, covering cloud native, AI development, data governance, digital content, software development, and MacroVerse aPaaS.

According to Ken Hu, organisations should embrace the cloud for leapfrog development as digital smart tech is the future. Huawei Cloud has integrated more than 240 services and more than 50,000 APIs to bring the latest AI, application development, and big data technologies and development tools to the cloud.

The innovation and expertise of Huawei Cloud will help more organisations move to the cloud faster and better.

Huawei Cloud is committed to building one global network, which allows services on Huawei Cloud to be accessed within 50 milliseconds from anywhere on the globe.

Enterprises will no longer need to build their own data centers. Huawei Cloud will launch new Regions in Indonesia and Ireland. By the end of this year, Huawei Cloud will have deployed 29 Regions and 75 availability zones (AZs) covering more than 170 countries and regions.

Zhang Ping'an also released the "Go Cloud, Go Global" plan.

With a focus on Everything as a Service, Huawei Cloud will share its localised experience acquired in the services for more than 170 countries and regions, as well as insight into businesses and industries in major regions, and contribute its technologies and solutions to a global ecosystem. Such effort will help more enterprises use cloud better and go global more successfully.

Huawei Cloud sticks to the approach of "by local, for local" for building a global digital ecosystem.

Over the next three years, Huawei Cloud will provide support for at least 10,000 promising startups around the world, with support including cost optimisation, technical support, entrepreneurship training, and other business resources. More than 120 enterprises in Asia Pacific have joined the Huawei Cloud Startup Program.

Huawei is also honing the industry-leading platform for innovations on the cloud. In her speech, Jacqueline Shi introduced 15 innovative Huawei Cloud services, including CCE Turbo, Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS), Pangu wave model, DataArts LakeFormation, Virtual Live, CodeCheck and CloudTest, KooMessage, KooSearch, and KooGallery.

Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud will continue to enable industries through Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service, to unleash digital with Everything as a Service and build the cloud foundation for an intelligent world.

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