World’s first portable hand washing solution launched in Bangladesh


WaterSHED Holdings Singapore has recently launched the first ever portable hand washing solution of the world “HappyTap” in Bangladesh, said a press release of the organisation.

HappyTap Bangladesh Ltd. is a newer venture of WaterSHED Holdings Singapore, which has invented a number of solutions to improve the quality of everyday living in 2013. The firm launched the portable hand washing sink, as solution for hygiene behavior change and convenience focusing Bangladeshi consumers.

With the support to facilitate further research and development from TRANSFORM, a social startup incubator run by Unilever PLC, DFID and Ernst&Young, HappyTap started its operation from January, 2018.

After spending two years for conducting several researches, HappyTap understood the consumers’ behavior, practices and put the findings in the product design and started its functional business operation from February 2020.

The CEO of HappyTap Bangladesh Geoffrey Revell said, “Our vision has always been very simple, ‘Everyone washes their hands with soap consistently.’"

“Unfortunately, hand washing has long been ignored. But we always believed that hand washing with soap is the best defense against infectious diseases and global pandemics. Thus, for more than a decade HappyTap has been at the forefront of behavior change in hygiene. We were the first company to bring an attractive and convenient portable hand washing solution to market,” he added.

“Two years of intense research and design work resulted in a product that is customised specifically for the Bangladeshi consumer. We’re confident, it can help to nudge consistent and habitual hand washing, while creating a delightful experience in every household, school, and healthcare facility in Bangladesh,” he added.

Besides being useful for hand washing both indoors and outdoors to prevent spread of virus like Corona and other deadly germs, HappyTap can serve other household purposes like brushing, shaving, face washing etc. like a regular basin as well. Customers can purchase HappyTap from the official facebook page –

The price of the product is BDT. 1,550 only without delivery charge. And the product will also be available on selected e-commerce platforms.