As an actor, Aditya shared that auditions make him feel uncomfortable.

“I think every audition has been nerve-racking. I have never really loved (auditions). It’s something you have to do but it’s always been really uncomfortable. Because, you have to create this reality looking at an imaginary girl and wink at an imaginary person or whatever, So, it’s all really weird,” Aditya said, adding: “I think a lot of people that are taking auditions don’t make it any easier. There’s not very much compassion over there. I think you just have to suck it up and just do it.”

Talking about how he felt working after lockdown, Aditya said: “It actually felt good. You feel nervous because you don’t know if you’re going to get corona or not but other than that, it felt really, really good to just work.

“I was enjoying my dubbing. I was like, I have done something legit constructive after months and it felt good. But yes, you have to take all your precautions but it just felt good to work, honestly,” Aditya said during a conversation with actress Neha Dhupia in a podcast of “JioSaavn #NoFilterNeha”.

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