As part of monitoring news, checking if anything special was happening in the country or elsewhere in the world, I was going through prime news in leading national dailies mainly English on my mobile phone, when all of a sudden yesterday I saw Maradona was dead. The news caught my attention. In disbelief, I crossed checked several sites to confirm the news and found it to be true.

I was jolted. Although I knew football legend Diego Maradona was taken to the hospital due to heart disease a couple of days ago, on the spur of the moment, I wondered whether the Argentine footballer had contracted the deadly disease novel coronavirus which has been raging across the globe and has already taken over 1.4 million lives.


Still burning with a few questions, what actually caused the sad demise of the most and best player, I went through the first paragraph of the news and found Maradona died of heart attack at 60. Questions started piercing me.

Football hero, who entertained millions of football fans in the eighties and nineties, died at only at the age of 60. The best and all-time best footballer died. My mind swarmed with image, visualising how Maradona was in the field and applying his hex to dodge players and advancing fast to score.

Those who watched his magic will never forget how Maradona bewitched his fans. It was great, it was thrilling.

He will never come back to the field to display his dexterity. That is reality. But Maradona will remain as a living legend forever in history.

The harsh reality is life is very transitory. It is a human predicament that none can avoid death.

Adieu! Maradona, adieu!

*Rabiul Islam is a journalist at Prothom Alo. He can be reached at [email protected]

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