Obstructing programmes creates more concern

ANM Muniruzzaman

Uncertainty looms large in politics with no communication between the two sides. The distance between the two is thus widening. A sort of unrest has arisen.

As the political programmes of the opposition are not being allowed to proceed smoothly, the situation is headed towards instability.

From the start till now, the programmes of the opposition have been obstructed. In this backdrop, there is much concern and worry over today’s programme too.

Even in the case of large political rallies, there would be no such cause of concern if there had been no hindrances to the programmes. But people’s anxiety is increasing now, along with all sorts of apprehensions.

The government and the opposition both have responsibility to assuage this anxiety and alarm, but the government has a much greater responsibility in this regard. We all hope the government moves away from obstructing the programmes. This will lessen the concerns to a great extent.

However, the manner in which the distance between the two sides has grown in politics, the fear of unrest has increased. All sides must understand this.

For as long as there are no discussions or dialogue, the distance between the two will simply increase. Then the scope to bring the situation under control and resolve the crisis will shrink. Dialogue is a must.

In the case of dialogue too, both sides have responsibility. But the main responsibility in this case lies with the government. The government must take the main initiative to address the people’s fears and concerns.

Unless flexibility is displayed in politics, the crisis will deepen and the fear of violence will increase.

* Maj Gen (retd) ANM Muniruzzaman is president, Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies