TOP SHOTS (6 May 2024)

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Colourful swings made of bamboo and plastic are being transported on a cycle van for sales. Photo taken from Library Bazar road in Pabna on 6 May
Hasan Mahmud
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Ears of maize have been plucked from the field and piled up on the floor. Photo taken from Chabbishhazari area in Rangpur on 6 May.
Hasan Mahmud
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A myna sits idly on a tree branch. Photo taken from Kalshimati area in Bogura on 5 May.
Soyel Rana
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Perching on the top of a bamboo stick, a kingfisher scanning for a prey. Photo taken from Bhati Lakshmipur area in Faridpur on 5 May
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No matter if it’s sunny or rainy outside, rickshaw pullers have to get out on the road for work. Photo taken in Sylhet
Anis Mahmud
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By parking his rickshaw amid rain on the road, a rickshaw puller stands under a shade close by. Photo taken in Sylhet on 6 May.
Anis Mahmud
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