The company said it would research usage in the three countries and support technical verification, then provide the service to additional countries later.

According to the company, the software update provides enhanced sound and light-control features by repurposing built-in sensors of older Galaxy phones.

Consumers can use the “SmartThings Labs” feature on their existing “SmartThings” app to choose how they want to use these older devices.

The devices can be turned into smart home devices such as a childcare monitor, a pet care solution, or a light sensor, the report said.

For sound, artificial intelligence (AI) solution enhances the device's ability to distinguish sounds, the old Galaxy devices can be used to save certain sound recordings, such as a baby crying, a dog barking, or a knock.

Older devices can also be set up to act as light sensors. They will measure the brightness of a room and automatically turn on the lights or the TV through SmartThings, if it becomes darker than the preset standard.

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