Earlier, the gold medal you won in javelin at the 2019 national athletics was stripped, wasn’t it?

I do not know whether the medal was stripped. But my medal is at my home. Even the certificate.

In that case why did the federation not allow you to take part in the Bangladesh Games and national athletics the next year?

They said, you can’t play for the time being. They informed me, they would permit me to play after getting the reports of my hormone and testosterone tests. So, they asked me to wait. 

Have you got that report?

It's at the federation now. But they have permitted me to play having got proof of me being a woman through my NID and academic certificates.

You have a man's voice.

That's due to hormone problems. The doctor said it will be cured through treatment. The army officials said they will treat me. Then they will employ me in the army.

Do you receive negative comments during play or at camp?

People say the way I was born is not my fault. There's nothing I can do about it. I only have a hormone problem. But if people say anything behind my back, I don’t pay heed. Those who are prone speak negative, they shall.

Indian athlete Dutee Chand underwent the same problem like you. Do you know about that?

I have heard about her. Her career was in jeopardy with the controversy. But she returned by proving herself. The sirs of our federation are also doing everything positive. That increased and invigorated my spirit. I want to move forward to my goal.

Does your family say anything about your problem?

No, every one of my family knows I have hormonal problem.

Where did you study? Did you face any problem at school and college?

I did my HSC from Rajjakunnesa Pilot Girls High School and College of Kishoreganj. I was admitted to honors at the Bajitput Govt College. None of my teachers or friends raised questions about this.

How did you come to sport?

I got a chance in the kabaddi team under the talent hunt programme of National Sports Council. Shila Madam (national awardee cyclist Farhana Sultana) brought me into kabaddi. She gave me the opportunity to practice while keeping me at her home. Some people used to ask the madam, whom are you keeping at your home. They'd make obscene comments. But I never gave up. I faced a myriad of obstacles in my career. I sometimes got hurt. But I had the determination, I will show them by achieving something big. Now I want to do something for the country. As I have achieved good result, I want to win the medal in SA games.

Did you get any resistance from family?

We are three sisters, two brothers. We were brought up in a very poor family. My father works as a farmer on other people’s land. When he does not have work, he sells peanut. The money I get from sports I give it to my mother. That is why no one ever stopped me from playing. Everyone loves me.