"How can we play this many matches," Nazmul Hasan Hassan questioned while talking to the media on Sunday after returning to the country from ICC meeting.

"There were many decisions in the ICC meeting. One was about game distribution. There is FTP. We can't say it in details until it's officially announced.”

“As far as I know it will be be announced within a week. The way FTP is planned; I think our concern now is how to play so many matches? We've never have played such a high number of matches in any FTP cycle."

BCB policy makers have been talking about having separate teams according to the format for a long time. But their discussion was limited to paper till now. However, now they fear that there may be shortage of available players due to the extremely high number of matches ahead.

With backs to the wall, the BCB boss said that separate teams for every format and rotation policy will be introduced to deal with these problems.

"Now there is no way but to form a separate team for every format. A few players will be under so much pressure that there is no point in blaming them," Nazmul Hassan remarked.

A 'rotation policy' must be maintained to keep players fit for a long period of time, the BCB chief said.

"The team management has to keep multiple players in the same position. Only then we can handle the situation. BCB is preparing the 'A' team in that way," he said.

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