Hathurusingha out to create 'big player pool' for ODI WC

Chandika HathurusinghaShamsul Hoque

Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathurusingha made it clear he would try to rotate as much players as he can before the ICC ODI World Cup in India later this year as his side gears up for the three-match ODI series against Ireland.

The reason to rotate the players is to create a big pool and make the side resourceful in every department ahead of the World Cup, a mega event in which Bangladesh would play to achieve their biggest ever success.

Since the World Cup will be held in India, a neighbouring country of Bangladesh, most of the people and expert saw the side’s unprecedented success.  

“We are trying to expand our pool of players before the World Cup. In case something happens close to the World Cup, we want to have enough players that we have seen and can trust to do a role,”Hathurusingha said.

“We are rushed to do that as we have only 15 matches before the World Cup. We are trying to give opportunities to players we think can do the role,” he added.

This was one of the reasons that Bangladesh left out senior player Mahmudullah Riyad from the Ireland series.

Hathurusingha said Riyad still has been in their plan but they need to try other players in his place to create enough options.

“Riyad is still in the mix. He has done enough. He has a lot of experience. We know what he can bring. We want some other players to get up to the mark at the international level. Not just skill-wise. It is about seeing whether they have the character to do the (role) at this level. It doesn’t mean that if that guy perform well, Mahmudullah is finished. He is still in our plans,” he informed.

Hathusingha indicated that they would rotate player in the three-match Ireland series also but that doesn’t mean, they would compromise with the result.

“Winning is always our aim whoever we play. No team is easy in international cricket. They (Ireland) beat England during the World Cup. On their day, any team can beat anyone. We are trying to expand our pool regardless of who we play. We will try to win,” he said.