Online betting strikes club football, a new threat to the country’s football arena.

The allegation of involving in online betting has been made against Arambagh Krira Sangha and Brothers Union Football Club.

Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) sent letters to the respective clubs [Arambagh KS and Brothers Union FC] seeking the explanation of allegations of match-fixing, spot fixing or online betting. The burning issue makes the country’s football arena heated.

The country’s former four legendary footballers expressed their deep concern over the matters and urged BFF to take action against these anomalies.

Golam Sarwar Tipu

Extremely in bad shape

I have understood the matter by reading newspaper. This is a new issue [online betting], which triggers an outcry in the country’s football arena.

No news could be worse than such allegations made against the traditional Brother’s Union FC and area-based team Arambagh KS.

If the betting goes on unabated, the state of country's football will deteriorate terribly. So along with regular players, the surveillance will have to be enforced on benched players too especially on goal keepers. Clubs will have to deal the matters with honesty. But if the club itself involves in it, then the condition will degrade.

People are being returned to the field to enjoy football matches as the clubs started hiring foreign footballers for last two to three years. If the situation [betting] prevails, supporters will turn their face away from football.


Sheikh Mohammad Aslam

Bad omen for football

This is a serious issue, which proves that our football is on the verge of ruination. I’m shocking to think that such a disgusting incident has taken place under BFF's very nose, but nobody noticed. Football is a sacred thing. As per FIFA’s law, punishment has to be ensured after the investigation. I think these types of incidents can destroy the country’s football. Players have morally degraded, which is a shame for us.

It cannot be thought even in dream. No offence is bigger than this. So, it needs to be fixed soon as it is a bad omen for country’s football.

Rumman Bin Wali Sabbir

Federation needs to be strict

Maybe some older bettors have started their new gambling business here.

The popularity that football has lost cannot be restored easily. So they are trying to make money by using the platform. However, those, who are doing it, may be dealing this personally. Clubs may not fully understand the issue. But the issue has to be stopped here.

If the federation has any committee on the match-fixing, they should take action after investigation. This matter cannot be allowed to grow from here. If anything like that takes place, everything will be ruined. In this regard, the football federation needs to be tougher.

Alfaz Ahmed

Should take action immediately

I heard the allegation of online betting but did not understand well at the beginning. I have understood it later by reading newspaper. It's a shame. If this happens, action must be taken immediately.

I have played for these two clubs which have been accused. I am saddened because they [Brothers Union FC, Arambagh KS] have lost the battle on the field. But now I really feel disappointed to hear about such allegation against them.

There are lots of unfinished games in the second episode of the league. Club officials can turn around from here if they want. First of all, the issues have to be resolved by investigation.

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