Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) 2022 announces its open-call and welcomes film submission for the 8th season from 3 April 2021. Like the previous year, there are three categories: Independent, Competition and One-Minute Film.

Every year on 3 April Bangladesh observes National Film Day. For the past seven years, DIMFF started their film submission for the forthcoming festival on this very day to pay homage to the film industry. This year keeping the tradition, on 3 April 2021, Saturday at 11 am DIMFF arranged the launching ceremony that takes place, in view of the deteriorating situation of the ongoing pandemic, on the digital platform Google Meet. The event incorporated a panel discussion on "Understanding Motivations To Use Mobile Filmmaking in The Mainstream Film Industry''. Two eminent Bangladeshi film experts, critic and screenplay writer Sadia Khalid Reeti and director and screenplay writer Anam Biswas, were present to discuss the topic.


Dean of ULAB School of Social Science, Jude William Genilo, initiated the event with a brief speech. In his speech, he said, “The mobile phone has become one mean little device in the art of storytelling. It is in this light that we are expecting better films for us to showcase in 2022.” Further he added, “Who knows, the mobile phone may even become part of mainstream filmmaking in the future and this is a topic that'll be taken up today during the panel discussion.”

Afterwards, the film experts, Sadia Khalid Reeti and Anam Biswas were given the stage to give their opinion on the topic.

Director Anam Biswas stated in his inaugural speech that, “What I love about it is that those of us who want to make films can make a film whenever and wherever through this approach”. Sadia Khalid Reeti noted that, “Mobile film has seized its place in the most prestigious platforms, nowadays. We must not trivialize mobile films.”

Beraat Gokkus, the DIMFF Best Film Award winner 2021 was also present in the event. He thanked DIMFF by saying, “It was great to be a part of this festival because it was very professional. Honestly, when I submitted my film, I was not expecting this kind of a serious festival. Usually mobile film festivals are little and they are so new. Thank you for accepting my film and giving me the best film award.”

Howon Kim, actor-director from Busan participated in 2019, said, “My film “Hi How are You” had a really great review from you guys last year, 2020. So I was really happy about it.”


DIMFF replaced the name of Screening Category of ‘DIMFF Best Film Award’, which is now Independent Category. Filmmakers from all over the world can submit their film in this category. Only students from different universities can submit their films in the Competition category; this category’s best film will get the “Cinemascope Best Film” award.

Moreover, DIMFF’s the “One-minute film” category is for the school-going students from class 1 to 12, and the best film from this category will receive the “ULAB Young Filmmaker” award.

The independent category’s film can be of any duration. Competition category films length should be no longer than 10 minutes, and film under the “One Minute film” category has to be of one-minute length. For both the latter categories, duration includes title and credit line. Each participant can submit two films with compulsory English subtitles.

Lastly, Dr Abdul Kabil Khan, Advisor of DIMFF concluded the programme with an expression of gratitude to all the attendees, ULAB and the organising committee of DIMFF.

Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) commenced its journey back in 2015 with the motto - New generation, New tool, New communication –mainly to inspire people to create films using mobile phones.

The 8th Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) will be held on February 25 & 26, 2022.

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