Agriculture minister Abdur Razzaque, local government and rural development and co-operatives minister Tajul Islam, health minister Zahid Maleque, primary and mass education state minister Md Zakir Hossain, youths and sports minister Zahid Ahsan Rasel, secretaries and senior officials, among others, were present at the meeting presided over by Dipu Moni.

A total of 19 instructions including encouraging students to follow health protocol and cleaning educational institutions have been given to resume academic activities at schools and colleges.

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) asked authorities of schools and colleges to implement these instructions by 9 September.

19-point guideline

*Health protocols to be followed to tackle Covid-19. Banners to be displayed at the entrance of all educational institutions or other means to be followed to create awareness.

*Temperature measuring instruments have to be kept at the entrance of all educational institutions to observe temperature of teachers, employees, students and guardians.

*All gates of institutions have to be used to avoid gathering. If there is one entry point, more gates have to be created.

* Students have to be welcomed in an environment of joy on the first day of reopening schools and colleges. Students have to be briefed and encouraged how they will follow health guidelines and attend schools and colleges and return home. Video provided by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) has to be displayed.

* A room of the institution has to be kept prepared as isolation room as primary healthcare facility.

*All rooms, corridors, stairs, roofs and premises have to be cleaned properly.

*All washrooms have to be cleaned properly and there must be adequate water.

*Steps have to be taken at the entrance of the institutions so that teachers, students, employees and guardians follow health protocols provided by the government.

*Measures have to be taken so that all teachers, students and employees wear masks properly.

*Washing points have to be set up at different places of the institutions so that the students can wash their hands before entering classes.

*Health protocols have to be maintained while sitting in the classrooms. In this regard, physical distance of three feet has to be maintained.

*Playground, drain and garden of educational institutions have to be cleaned properly and it has to be ensured water does not stagnate anywhere.

*The presence of teachers and students of institutions have to be ensured.

*Attendance of all students has to be ensured.

*Committees comprising teachers have to be formed to monitor that health protocols are followed or not.

*Institutions' infrastructures including electrical devices and water connection have to be repaired.

*Necessary steps have to be taken by holding meetings of managing committees of schools and colleges and guardians.

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