Universal College Bangladesh organises free IELTS crash course


Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) organised a free IELTS course for HSC, O/A/AS Level candidates on 6 November 2021.

The IELTS crash course, aiming to make the aspiring students’ international education journey possible, was conducted by the team of Asif Arafat, a University of Toronto alumnus holding an IELTS score of 8.5.

The arrangement took place in the UCB campus at SA Tower, 1 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka.

Participants enjoyed the thorough instructions on how to approach the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam strategically and prepare themselves in the proper manner within a brief timeline.

Discussions at the course also included the ever-rising importance of having substantial command over the English language, opportunities of studying abroad, developing a multifaceted career after finishing a foreign degree, and a few more important aspects of studying abroad.

The name of UCB as a trusted partner for Bangladeshi students to pursue and excel in academics abroad was frequently highlighted.

Participants expressed their excitement for students who will be attending UCB in the upcoming January batch and can now start their Monash University degree journey right here in Dhaka at Universal College Bangladesh.

Salman Rashed, an HSC candidate, expressed his satisfaction regarding the course during the post discussion.

“I myself, like many of my friends, had some scattered idea of the IELTS exam but could not quite decide how to gain better clarity of it. I wish to study abroad after my HSC exam; hence, I needed one such solution to erase the ambiguity. Thanks to UCB, I now have a much better status to plan ahead and delineate my path towards securing a handsome score at the IELTS”.