Highlighting the serious ramifications of the prolonged stay of 1.2 million Rohingyas for Bangladesh and the region, Shahriar said the earliest repatriation of all forcibly displaced Rohingyas back to their ancestral homeland in Rakhine in safety and dignity remains Bangladesh's compelling priority.

He lauded the Gambia for pursuing the ICJ case on the question of Myanmar's accountability and commended Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK for joining the Gambia's side, said the Bangladesh High Commission in London on Friday.

Amid declining foreign attention and assistance, Canada called on the Commonwealth nations to continue their support for the cause of Rohingyas until they can return to their rightful homes in Myanmar.

The Gambia appreciated the "outstanding generosity" of Hasina for continued hosting of Rohingyas and urged more Commonwealth countries to join their side in the ICJ case, highlighting the importance of accountability and repatriation issues for a sustainable solution to this protracted crisis.

The UK stressed the sustainable return of Rohingyas while the Commonwealth nations expressed solidarity with Bangladesh.