On 3 August, the spine-chilling crime occurred in Raktipara area of Tangail's Madhupur upazila.

When the bus took the busy Dhaka-Tangail Highway in the Natiapara area, the seven robbers hijacked the vehicle at gunpoint and drove it towards Madhupur upazila.

Posing as passengers, the seven boarded the bus in two groups in a span of 10 minutes around 11:00pm after it resumed its journey following a stopover at a hotel in Sirajganj district.

Twenty-four people, including 22 passengers and two staffers, were on board the bus of ‘Eagle Paribahan’ at the time.

On a desolate stretch, the armed gang robbed the twenty-four people, including 22 passengers of cash, jewellery and mobile phones.

They then blindfolded the passengers and raped the woman commuter on board.