Second SDG roundtable explores challenges, opportunities in renewable energy in Bangladesh

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UNOPS Bangladesh announced the successful completion of the second roundtable of SDG Cafe, a flagship event aimed at propelling sustainable development goals in Bangladesh.

It is focused on the theme "Challenges and Opportunities in Decentralized Renewable Energy in Bangladesh," took place on 24 May 2023, at the UNOPS Bangladesh premises in Dhaka, said a press release.

The SDG Cafe gathered key stakeholders from the Government of Bangladesh, academia/think tanks, UN agencies, INGOs, Bi-Laterals and multilateral Development partners, and policy advisories.

The event fostered insightful discussions and meaningful dialogues, exploring current practices, innovative technologies, policies, and standards related to decentralized renewable energy in Bangladesh, focusing on achieving sustainable development goals.

The Keynote speaker for the roundtable, Ijaz Hossain, former Dean of Engineering of BUET and an esteemed expert in energy and environment, shared his valuable insights and expertise.

Hossain's knowledge further illuminated the challenges and opportunities in decentralized renewable energy, providing a foundation for collaborative efforts toward sustainable solutions.

Ijaz Hossain said, “Bangladesh needs to scale up its use of renewable energy urgently. And to accomplish this, participation from multi-sectoral stakeholders is crucial along with government initiatives.”

Distinguished experts from the energy sector and representatives from SREDA, BPDB, EU, World Bank, BBDF, UNDP and the UNRC actively participated in the event, enriching the discussions and contributing their expertise to drive positive change.

Commenting on the event, Sudhir Muralidharan, Country Manager of UNOPS Bangladesh, said: “The second edition of SDG Cafe successfully brought together experts and stakeholders to address the challenges and opportunities in decentralized renewable energy. We believe that by collaborating and innovating in this sector, Bangladesh can make significant strides towards sustainable development. The collective knowledge and insights shared during the event will undoubtedly shape future initiatives.”

The SDG Cafe provided an engaging platform for knowledge exchange, inclusive dialogue, and partnership building. The SDG Cafe is part of UNOPS Bangladesh's ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh. The event will provide a forum for relevant stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborate on effective strategies for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).