Conducting fair elections will be hard if candidates are not sincere: CEC 

Chief election commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal
File photo

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal has stated that a message has been conveyed to the candidates to ensure the 12th National Assembly elections are free, fair, and acceptable. 

The CEC mentioned, “It has been clarified that among the political parties and independent candidates, if they are insincere, unaware, or do not behave properly with mutual trust, then it will be challenging to conduct a free and fair election. We have communicated this message clearly to the candidates on our behalf.”

The CEC shared this information with journalists after a meeting with the 36 candidates who are to take part in the parliamentary elections in Rangpur district on Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting took place at the Circuit House in Rangpur. 

Kazi Habibul Awal mentioned that the candidates have pledged to foster mutual trust among themselves and to collaborate in the election process.

The candidates are optimistic that this year's election will be conducted in a free and fair manner.

Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana, Election Commission Secretary Jahangir Alam, Rangpur Divisional Commissioner Habibur Rahman, Rangpur Range DIG (Deputy Inspector General) Abdul Baten, Rangpur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Moniruzzaman, and other senior officials were also in attendance at this exchange meeting with the candidates.