52 girl children were victims of pornography in 2021: Report

A total of 52 girl children were victims of pornography in 2021, says a research report of National Girl Child Advocacy Forum.

The Forum’s secretary Nasima Akhter Joly presented the report at the National Press Club on Sunday.

The report also said 2,868 girls were victims of child marriage between August 2020 and November 2021. It further said 242 girl children committed suicide in the country last year. Among them, 61 committed suicide after being victims of deception in love affairs while 56 took their lives over family brawl, the report added.

In 2021, 116 girl children were victims of sexual harassment and torture. The number of such incidents was 104 in 2020.

Presenting the report, Nasima Akhter Joly said 1,117 girl children were victims of rape. Among them, 155 were victims of gang rape. Some 45 victims were killed after rape, she added.

The number of girls raped in 2020 was 626.

In 2021, 272 girl children were killed because of family violence, rape, sexual harassment and other reasons.

National Girl Child Advocacy Forum president Badiul Alam Majumder said sadly those involved with those crimes get away with political support. Many victims even do not want to complain to the police station. Incidents of child marriage, and women and child repression have increased terrifically.

Nobonita Chowdhury, Director of Gender, Justice and Diversity (GJD) and Preventing Violence Against Women Initiative at Brac, said the research report only included incidents reported in newspapers only. The actual number is far more.

Among others, GoodNeighbors Bangladesh Country Director Mainuddin Mainul and Quality Assurance and Compliance-Educo Bangladesh’s Head of Education Golam Kibria addressed the programme.