Purchase of new vehicles suspended, foreign trips banned: Govt

Budget 2023-24Prothom Alo illustration

The government on Sunday suspended purchasing all types of new vehicles for government offices to maintain austerity to tackle the economic crisis induced by the Russia-Ukraine war.

At the beginning of the 2023-24 fiscal, the government also banned all foreign trips at government costs. However, tours will be allowed if they are financed by foreign countries.  

Apart from this, budgets allocated for land acquisition could not be spent while 20-per cent and 25-per cent taka will have to be saved from power and energy sectors respectively.

A finance ministry issued a circular on Sunday regarding the matters -- which says these decisions have been taken considering the ongoing global economic crisis.

The decisions will be effective for all ministries, divisions, directorates, offices, autonomous and semi-autonomous organisations, corporations, state-owned companies and finance institutions.

The circular reads the expenses -- allocated for the residential buildings, non-residential and other building sectors -- will remain completely suspended. No more money will be spent in constructing buildings afresh.

Besides, the spending in motor vehicles, water vessels, and airline sectors will remain stopped.

However, an approval from the finance division will have to be taken in replacing 10 years of old motor vehicles.

A maximum 75-per cent of allocated money in the power sector will be allowed to be spent. The remaining 25 per cent will have to be saved. Apart from this, the government officials were asked to minimise their usage to 80 per cent and save the remaining 20 per cent.