Two human traffickers detained for luring youth to 'Malaysia' and killing one

Murdered Zahirul Islam
Courtesy: RAB

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has detained two people on charges of collecting ransom and killing one of the 19 youths of Narayanganj, who were taken to Myanmar in the name of Malaysia and were held hostage there.

They were arrested in an operation in Narayanganj on Friday. RAB disclosed this in a text message on Saturday morning.

The elite force said the trafficking gang took some 19 youths to Myanmar promising that they would be taken to Malaysia for better life. The traffickers held them hostage there and collected ransom from them.

A youth named Zahirul Islam of Narayanganj was tortured to death by the organised human traffickers.

RAB has detained two, including the kingpin of the human trafficking gang, in connection with the killing and kidnapping.

R‍AB said the youths were taken to Myanmar and were detained somewhere there. They were told that they would be taken to Malaysia.

The elite force also said the details of the incident will be disclosed in a press conference today.