Why don’t boycott campaigners burn their wives’ Indian sarees? PM Hasina asks 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at a discussion on Independence Day in Dhaka on 27 March, 2024.PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has slammed the Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s (BNP) call for boycotting Indian products and questioned their silence when it comes to the Indian Sarees in their wives’ closets. 

“The BNP leaders are advocating for boycotting Indian products. My question is – how many Indian sarees do the boycott campaigners' wives possess? Why don't they take the sarees from their wives and burn them?” she said on Wednesday. 

Awami League leaders and activists attend the programme at their Tejgaon office in Dhaka on 27 March, 2024.

Addressing a discussion on Independence Day at the office of Awami League’s Tejgaon unit in Dhaka, the prime minister also asked the BNP leaders to burn their wives’ Indian sarees to prove their commitment to the boycott campaign. 

“I will tell the BNP leaders who are campaigning for boycotting Indian products to ensure that their wives under no circumstances wear Indian sarees. The day they bring out all the sarees from their closets and burn them in front of their office, I will believe their commitment to boycotting Indian products," she said. 

Sheikh Hasina also brought attention to the import of spices like garam masala, onion, garlic, and ginger from India and questioned whether the BNP leaders would continue to use them in their cooking. 

She said, “Spices, ginger, and whatever is coming… No Indian spices should be seen in any of their kitchens. They need these spices for their cooking. Therefore, they must clarify whether they should use these or not.”