US stance on Bangladesh hasn’t changed: John Kirby

US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby
AFP file photo

The United States’ stance on Bangladesh has not changed as the country supports democratic institutions in Bangladesh.

The US NSC coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said this at a press briefing at foreign press center on Wednesday.

During the briefing, a journalist asked Kirby his response saying that the prime minister of Bangladesh alleged the US, in the name of democracy, free, fair election, and human rights, wants to gain control over the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal region, making excuses to attack and to destroy other countries.

The journalist also sought Kirby’s response about the New York Times report titled “Quietly Crushing a Democracy: Millions on Trial in Bangladesh,” which reported the millions of people in Bangladesh including the former prime minister (Khaleda Zia) and Nobel laureate Dr Yunus are facing “judicial harassment”. The journalist also asked Kirby his reaction about the open letter of 180 global leaders, including more than 100 Nobel laureates, former US president Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton urging suspension of legal action against Muhammad Yunus.

Kibry in his reply to the questions said, “We obviously support democratic institutions in Bangladesh.  We support the will of the Bangladeshi people.  We support the need for free and fair elections.  Nothing’s changed about that.  

"We want to see the aspirations of the Bangladeshi people fully realized, and the United States will consistently try to champion those aspirations.”